Broker introduction

Broker introduction

IB Plan Advantages

Our IB program focuses on the growth and strengthening of our brokers so that they reach the highest level of professional capability. In order to help IBs to develop, INTERACTIVE offers a comprehensive support package involving all key areas of the business – providing pre-training, professional guidance, marketing, management training, and ongoing customer service and support. We encourage our IBs to follow their own path according to their individual business needs and market conditions, tailoring our service to suit their situational demands. Co-operation with INTERACTIVE will provide IBs flexible business solutions, product portfolios, and trading mechanisms as well as the ability to obtain generous and ongoing commissions from clients' transactions, with the opportunity to expand brand influence in the international financial industry.

INTERACTIV provides professionals with business development services and provides competitive and stable win-win Introducing Broker (IB) cooperation plans
When you become one of our IBs, you get commission according to the transaction volume conducted by the clients that you introduce to us.
The larger the amount of transactions that your clients conduct, the larger the commission you receive! Each transaction increases your rebate!
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